Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nonfiction interrupted

It's not my m.o. to put down a book halfway through, but I've got my reasons. I can finally go to a book discussion group, after ten years of schedule conflicts. The book arrived yesterday -Louise Erdrich's The Plague of Doves. It disrupts my first ever book pile. You know, the stack by the bed: the new slips in underneath and hoists all the others up. I pull them like a card draw. It's my first, since I've been in school for so long, and read what others asked me too - also a luxurious pleasure. But now I'm choosing my own books. After Chris Hedges's serious and intense Empire of Illusion (5 stars), I'm halfway through Lynn Powell's thoughtful and disquieting Framing Innocence (5 stars), so it's a pleasure to put down the sorrows of the unimagined world to be quickly pulled into the lush and luscious language and landscape of Erdrich. I find myself reading passages out loud, because they are so good in the mouth: "murmurous susurration" and "crisscrossed racks of sticks." I so look forward to discussing this book with this group of readers I admire.

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