Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally, warmth!

The heat has been off for nearly 24 hours, and yesterday I was able to pull some saplings from the soft, saturated soil. I haven’t lived in this house for long, so I don’t know well the seasons of the gardens tucked around the small city lot. There is a long row of rose of Sharon, and they multiply with exuberance. I am pulling up their slender babies that were too rooted in fall, but now come easily. I can see the green of spring bulbs breaking ground, as well as the lilies that will fill in later. This is a lovely shade garden under some small trees, including a magnolia that arches over the driveway.
I struggle with the cold, and being on this side of warmth, all possibility, so many days ahead, is liberating. We couch our happiness these days against the backdrop of suffering in Japan, the Middle East, and here in Ohio, but still, a private happiness can add something to a connected community.

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