Sunday, March 6, 2011

Three movies

Another geeky-wonderful movie: "Helvetica." My way in to the idea of typography comes from editing Whiskey Island Magazine and the YSU Penguin Review. I am so aware of the physicality, so to speak, of a text now, and it's intriguing to hear designers talk about their love or hate of this ubiquitous, ground-breaking font.
Also saw "Basquiat," a disjointed film about this young artist who put himself into the machinery of New York celebrity art and drug culture during the age of Andy Warhol. Sad and moving story, yet the film does not follow through.
The third was "The Cave of the Yellow Dog," and high praise to Netflix for dropping a Mongolian film into my mailbox. This is a slice-of-life movie about a Mongolian sheepherder family living in the remote steppes. Beautifully filmed and hits just the right note of sweet and straight-up. Shows a lovely family dynamic - the young children have an almost unthinkable amount of responsibility, but parental discipline is gentle and the parents teach their children language for caring for each other. I was curious about this place because, well, I think I need a better sense of what my fellow earth travelers' lives and other landscapes are like. But also because when my cousin returned from his junior semester abroad in Mongolia, he told hilarious stories about yaks walking into satellite dishes and other misadventures.

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