Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New poems up at Jenny

I was completely wowed by the class act release party of Jenny, now on its second issue. The place was packed - 150 people by some estimates. The students were confident and prepared, and the readers were terrific. Projected images of both issues made a compelling visual backdrop. A chance auction and Jenny t-shirts made fund raising fun. A well choreographed night. Kudos to Chris Barzak, who has more energy and commitment than any person I know, for providing a space for all this creativity to take place, and for being a steady presence to make sure it continues into the future.
One strength of the journal is its bridging of art and creative writing, particularly, but not limited to, the Youngstown State programs. I think one thing that makes Youngstown such an engaging place to live is the artistic charge. Check out the edgy, intriguing images. Jenny

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