Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The poems of Nin Andrews

I wrote this paper for a conference on gender in literature. I have been a fan of Nin and her poetry for a long time, and it was fun to take a concentrated look. As I was reading the paper, I got the usual glazed-over look from people sitting in a room, listening to paper after paper. But this essay is packed with excerpts of Nin's poems, and pretty soon they were sitting up and smiling in anticipation, like they'd had a shot of espresso and a bit of smelling salts. Thank you to Gently Read Literature for including it in this month's offerings.
Since I know Nin, and have heard her read many times, part of the delight of reading her work is hearing her voice in my head. She's had a remarkable life, and her imagination is good at what it does. More than that is her insight, her empathy and sensitivity. I always come away from our conversations with an idea for a better way to be.
Karen Schubert: “Everything Stuck to Her Skin”: Considerations of Gender in the Poetry of Nin Andrews

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