Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reading at the historic Ward Bakery

I strung Christmas lights along the dark hallway, thinking no one would find us. But they came from all over - Cleveland, Oberlin, Akron, Kent and all points Youngstown. It was good to see so many friends, and to meet people I've only seen on Facebook. Five hours of readings sounds long, but each person brought a distinct and dynamic voice, and most stayed after their group read to hear more. The table was creaking with their books. There is nothing more pleasurable than spending a day with people who love the written word.
Thank you to everyone who helped set up, especially Nikki, for making runs for more chairs and other essentials, and for manning the book table. Thanks to Tony and Tracy for hanging the stage curtain to absorb some of the sound bounce. It made an elegant backdrop. And thank you to the readers who made the day so meaningful.
There have been requests to do it next spring. Let's plan on it.
Here are this year's readers.

Noon * Fallen City Workshop
Rosalind Ansevin, Bill Koch, Dorothea Polite, Doug Weissen, Juanita Hall, Neno Perrotta

12:30 * Penguin Review
Colleen Clayton-Dippolito, Kelly Bancroft, Jim Hain, Caitlyn Ryan

1:00 * NEOMFA/YSU students and alumni
Dawson Steeber, Karen Kotrba, Evaline Abram-Diroll, Satya Palaparty

2:00 * Friends of Karen
Chris Meyers, Andrew Rihn, Eric Anderson, Lacie Semenovich, Jordan Shaver, John Burroughs, Steve Thomas, Robert C. Noble, Christina Brooks, Steve Brightman, Dianne Borsenik, Lori Wald Compton, Judith Monsour, Shelley Chernin, T.M. Göttl

3:30 * NEOMFA/YSU faculty
Robert Miltner, Melodie Provencher, Karen Kotrba, Karen Schubert, Will Greenway, Mindi Kirchner-Greenway, Craig Paulenich

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