Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Wisconsin

There is something so meaningful about being a guest in a grown child's home. To see my son in his lovely space, living his good life, is wonderful enough, and to feel welcome and cared for a tender gift. Lee is a good cook! and judging by the fond looks he received everywhere we went, he's a respected presence his community.
We went to Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and school in the lush hills of Spring Green. I've been wanting to go for many years. It was as moving as I'd imagined. We also saw conservationist Aldo Leopold's woods and shack, and the center for green building initiated by his children. In Madison, I tried to imagine the streets around the capitol square filled with thousands of protestors. Even on a quiet day, there were a dozen, including one on a hunger strike. We saw Monona Terrace, the light-filled convention center designed by F.L. Wright. And Lee took us on his first tour at the International Crane Foundation, where George Archibald nearly single-handedly saved the whooping crane from extinction.
Lee and I talked several times about Wright, Leopold, Archibald and others who leave such a mark on the world. Most of us leave a smaller footprint, but important too. I see Lee following this idea, in his work with the International Crane Foundation and the Lion's Club; his girlfriend volunteers with Girl Scouts and the local Literacy Council. Those who complain that this generation of youth is self-centered and myopic are missing an important story.
And on our way home one day, a rainbow.

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