Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sun! Flower!

My friend Amy gave me sunflower seeds after the summer was well under way. I planted them in front of the porch, a space that seemed a bit empty after I took out some scruffy, overgrown yews. The sunflowers grew fast, but they looked a bit gawky for awhile, like huge weeds. Then one day they were full of enormous buds. They're like the ostrich of the plant world - even the little ones are giant. Now each stalk is high as the porch roof with flowers all over, some with lovely rust colored petals, and a new one that's bright lemon. They're loud with bees. And I don't know why, but some flower heads lean in over the porch, instead of facing the sun, and the sun backlights them.
I have a favorite chair on the porch, and I took my book out today. These last days of summer are numbered.

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