Monday, October 24, 2011

Poetry Book Discussion Group

On the first of November we'll again meet in the Lemon Grove on Federal Street in Youngstown. We'll be talking about Philip Metres's chapbook Ode to Oil, published by Kattywompus Press. If you order it here, you'll be supporting a wonderful new press in Cleveland, as well as adding a commendable book to your bookcase.

Phil Metres has been a longtime voice in our country, advocating for peace and connection. Kattywompus describes this collection as "a poetic weaving-together of the history, geology, and culture of fossil fuels in the age of big oil."

I met a friend recently at the Lemon Grove, and we talked over creamy tomato soup and grilled sandwiches. I had a dark roast coffee and my friend a black tea. We came out warmed on the inside, and delivered lunch to the artist and installation crew putting in a set of three sculpted bikeracks on the city square. The next morning the playful and curving pieces were alive with light, all presence and absence in their graceful lines.

If you're around, I'll see you on the first, and we'll take up our own conversation. If you ride your bike, you can park it on the new sculpted rack. If you don't get the book in time, come anyway. Bring an idea for next month.

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