Sunday, February 19, 2012

Roasted Broccoli

I think roasting vegetables is the cat's pajamas, a metaphor I've been saving until now because I've had cats, and I know they don't wear pajamas. Yet if they did, they'd be little hipster prints, silky and low-cut for the girl cats, maybe tiny roses or violets, one little pocket, and for the boy cats, just boxers. Yeah. Anyway, that's how much I like roasted vegetables.

I roast 'em all, doused in olive oil and sprinkled with whatever I have on hand. Hot peppers, garlic, fresh lemon, Parmesan, fresh or dried herbs, cayenne or paprika... it works for any vegetable: sweet or white potatoes, onions, green beans, cauliflower, carrots, squash, peppers, eggplant... everything comes out perfect, and none of the vitamins are lost in boiling.

Recently I ran out of olive oil and couldn't get more for a few weeks. I know! Thank you. It was hard. But as this post is not only about metaphor but also about having the resilience we need to overcome adversity, I'm going to tell you what happened next. I drizzled the broccoli with toasted sesame oil I'd fished out of clearance. I love those carts, heaped with the weird and the obscure, and priced to sell. Not that sesame oil is so, so exotic, but it was affordable, and after the oil I sprinkled the little nubby heads with sesame seeds, rubbed it all in, and roasted them up. Yum. 

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