Monday, February 13, 2012

Youngstown Cash Mob

We were inspired by the Cash Mobs in Cleveland, where people gather and instead of singing, as in Flash Mob, they pump money into a locally-owned business, just by buying something.

Our first event will be at Dorian Books, 802 Elm St., Youngstown, on Sat. 25 Feb. They're open from 10-5, and we'll be dropping in throughout the day. This gorgeous brick-and-wood bookstore is full of light and plants and a friendly Maine coon cat named Ernie. The floor-to-ceiling, handcrafted bookcases are creaking with hard and softcover fiction and non-fiction, children's books, coffee table books, and first editions. And for the impossible-to-buy-for? Gift certificates.

When we support a chain store, sure, some of the money stays here. There are salaries and some taxes, and then a big chunk goes off to HQ. Buying locally-owned means nearly all the money stays in the community, and small businesses don't get the sweetheart property tax deals that chains often do. Purchasing online has no local benefit at all, except for the p.o.

One more thought - if one small business goes under, it's really sad. But it doesn't take down the whole local economy. But it is really sad! So we're going to do what we can to keep them in business.

If you're on Facebook, visit Youngstown Cash Mob. And if you're around Youngstown Sat., stop by Dorian Books. We'd love to see you there.


  1. Thanks, Janice. I loved the idea when I read about it. So simple yet powerful! and it's generating some excitement. I'm looking forward to visiting local places I've not been to yet.