Saturday, May 12, 2012

Youngstown Cash Mob May Event!

“The Cash Mob has a sweet tooth!” someone told me recently. More likely a soft spot. The businesses that are nominated come with stories about dreams and commitment to the community. It’s as fun for me to hear about how a place came into being, or about how much the owners believe in Youngstown, as it is to go there.

Our May Cash Mob will take us to Clarencedale Cake. The special order cakes are as much sculpture as dessert! Here are a few, and you can find more photos on their Facebook page and their website.



The May vote was neck and neck with Mahoning Valley Vacuum. Talk about an incredible story! This owner was in the first graduating class of the Rich Center for Austism here at Youngstown State. He always loved vacuums, and by the time he graduated, he had over 100. (Great mom there, right?) So he and his mom opened a vacuum store: repairs, reconditions and new.

When I called called Ellen at Clarencedale Cake to tell her they had won the Cash Mob, she posted a note on the Youngstown Cash Mob wall expressing admiration and support for Mahoning Valley Vacuum, and the very next morning went down to buy a new vacuum for her shop.

Yeah, it’s that kind of community. That’s what makes Youngstown such a great place to live.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by Clarencedale Cake on Sat. 26 May, anytime between 9-5. That’s Memorial Day weekend. Houseful of company? Picnic?  There’s dessert: cupcakes like they’re on parade.

You can find the Youngstown Cash Mob on their Facebook page here, and by email at

Here are a few cupcakes for you to take on your way!



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