Monday, August 13, 2012

Youngstown Cash Mob News

The Youngstown Cash Mob is on fire! Nearly 200 new members were added this month. Voting was lively, and spread over some fantastic nominees. Raks Nearly New will be our September cash mob destination. We’ll visit this lovely clothing consignment shop at 3800 Belmont Ave. between 10-5 on Sat. 22 Sept.

Our August Cash Mob will be at the Northside Farmer's Market! Tables are creaking with fresh produce, much of it local. There is often music, and vendors selling delicious handcrafted lunch items to be eaten on the spot. You'll see friends there, too. Environmentalist Bill McKibben says that not only are farmer's markets better ways to deliver produce than shipping items 1500 miles from mega-farm to grocery store, but they change the way we buy food: we spend ten times more time at a farmer's market than a grocery store. In our city, abandoned houses turn into empty lots, which are sometimes developed as urban farms, and the farmer's market is a way for new growers to make some money while raising healthy food and helping to stabilize neighborhoods.

Youngstown Cash Mob August Event
Sat. 25 August, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

1105 Elm St.
Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Baked Goods, Prepared Foods, Arts & Crafts

The Youngstown Cash Mob has also been invited to a fundraiser cash mob event for the Elm Road Triple Drive-In in Warren. Drive-Ins are facing the steep cost of converting to digital projection equipment, and not all will be able to make the transition. This event will be Fri. 17 Aug. at 7:30. 

Supporting our locally owned businesses is a powerful way to strengthen our community. A new pair of pants, some juicy tomatoes and a Friday night movie - sometimes community work is pretty fun.

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