Monday, December 3, 2012

My favorite granola recipe

I like foods with texture and a good mix-up, and these days I’m on a granola jag. I stock Bob’s Red Mill rolled oats, and Ohio maple syrup from a place not too far from here. I also like different combinations of nuts and fruits. Hands down favorite: date-pecan, with Medjool dates I pick up at Jerusalem Market on Youngstown’s north side. But I use whatever’s on hand, and other tasty combinations are cherry-peanut, and cranberry-walnut. Switching up the liquids adds nuance – peanut oil is lovely – and honey makes a stickier, clumpier granola. For seeds, anything goes: sunflower, sesame, chia, flax, poppy, combination… I also toss in a handful of wheat germ now and then. I’ve even traded the oats for Bob’s Red Mill multigrain hot cereal. My friend likes it with the big flakes of Bob’s Red Mill coconut (you see the Bobs Red Mill theme), and crunched up bran flakes. I like adding cinnamon or ginger. Hmmm.... the crystallized ginger left over from a recent cookie project?

To assemble: mix the oats, nuts and seeds, stir in the blended liquid. Spread out in a greased jelly roll pan and bake at 325 for 15 minutes. Add the dried fruit (chopped, as in dates), and bake 15 min. more. I take it out when the oats are toasted, but I don’t let the fruit burn. If it’s very sticky, pour it out on waxed paper or foil to set. Store in an air tight container. So, so good on yogurt, oatmeal or cut fruit.


Oats: 4 cups
Chopped or broken nuts: 1 cup
Seeds: ¼ cup
Oil: ½ cup
Maple syrup/honey: ½ cup
Chopped dried fruit: 1 cup

Other ideas:
Coconut: 1 cup
Crunched up bran flakes: 1 cup

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