Monday, December 17, 2012

Poetry Book Group Opens the Year with Stephen Dunn

Stephen Dunn’s Different Hours (Norton, 2000) is a Pulitzer Prize winner and collection you won’t forget, divorce to ekphrasis to plumbers.

We’re adding a new feature to our evening, and invite you to bring a poem written in the style of Dunn. If you’re in the neighborhood, join us for conversation about this moving book. Lemon Grove, 7:00, Tues. 8 Jan. 

I’m partial to the table by the window, which in December was next to a Christmas tree necklaced with tiny white lights. Angry Orchard on tap. Good friends and good conversation. What more is there?

Simpler Times

The violent boys merely armed
with fists, the president
avuncular, his office unspoiled,

it’s tempting to believe
we lived in simpler times.

Unfulfillment didn’t have
its high priests, not even a language.
I just thought of it as family life

or school, and on Sunday nights
ran in from the clean, safe streets
to laugh at Milton Berle.

--Stephen Dunn, from Different Hours

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