Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Poems up at Lunch Ticket

Hey Lunch Ticket, thanks for including my poems! These are from a new project I was working on this summer at Headlands Center for the Arts, a collection of poems about Youngstown. I hope my endearment for The Yo comes through. I am home here.

Headlands is a most beautiful place, tucked into the old, eroded rises off the coast that hugs the Golden Gate Bridge. If we walked five minutes up the hill, we could see San Francisco, or the place where the city used to be, before it was swallowed by that insatiable fog. I spent the summer with writers and artists I miss so much, I can hum I left my heart... 

 I also miss the little coves with black sand beaches, and the young bobcat that lived among us. Thank you, Ohio Arts Council, for this productive and restorative time. I'm so impressed with Ohio for supporting the arts, especially now, when so much public funding has been killed off. 

                                                                                                     I'm impressed with California, too, for protecting this land from development, keeping it open to the public, and nestling within it an artist residency.                                                                                  


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