Monday, November 4, 2013

When is a Bummer good?

… When it’s a Bummer Fund!

In November, the Youngstown Cash Mob will shine the spotlight on a wonderful non-profit that helps responsible pet owners with the unexpected expense of a pet illness or injury. Named after Bummer, a strong-willed cat, The Bummer Fund has helped many families in our area.

We are grateful to the Artists of the Mahoning Commons for offering to host our event. Bummer Fund Director Sue Sexton will be there offering treats and information about the organization. You might consider giving a gift in someone’s name; Sue will make a card that you can pass on to your recipient. All donations will be appreciated.

Youngstown Cash Mob
Saturday, November 30 * Noon to 5:00 p.m.
The Bummer Fund
@ Artists of the Mahoning Commons Holiday Sale
1024 Mahoning Ave.

If you’d like to contribute but can’t make the cash mob, please visit them on Facebook or email at

This will be our last scheduled cash mob in 2013. What a terrific year!

A Year’s Worth of Cash Mobs!
The Bummer Fund
Imagine That! Emporium
Carol Freeman’s Baked Goods
Bang! Hair Studio
YSU Summer Festival of the Arts
Maggie’s Magic Muffins
Niki’z Pub
Walrus Subs
Pretty & Plus Shop
Santa Fe Southwestern Grill
GreyLand Gallery

We have eaten well, updated our wardrobes and hair, and picked up some fabulous art, all while showing support for the hard-working small business owners in our valley. We look forward to another year of spreading the word about these unique establishments.

We’re putting together the calendar for some special cash mobs for 2014. Some ideas we’re kicking around are a kid-friendly cash mob, and visits to areas outside of Youngstown. If you have an idea, let me know.

I have several people on my Christmas list, and I will buy from locally-owned businesses as much as I can. I hope you’ll make that pledge with me, as well. For your boss, or child’s teacher, or that god-love-her idealist in the family? Maybe a contribution in their name to The Bummer Fund? The good kind of bummer.

Thanks for helping us spread the word.

Cash mob: like flash mob, only the singing is optional.

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