Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Again, Youngstown Cash Mob

The Youngstown Cash Mob turns two! We celebrate a great idea, born in Cleveland and Buffalo. Leave it to the Rust Belt to come up with a fun and meaningful way to take care of our own, right? It’s been terrific meeting business owners and customers who care so much about the Mahoning Valley. There are some good things going on in our city, Youngstown, and I’m glad we can be a little part of that. Thanks so very much to everyone who’s come out to support our events, who’s tried a new business they heard about from the cash mob, who has made a go of starting a business here.

We celebrated our first birthday last February at Santa Fe Southwestern Grill on Mahoning. In March, we visited the Pretty & Plus Shop in Struthers. We enjoyed some tasty fare at Walrus Subs in Austintown in April. Our special north country cash mob took us to Niki’z Pub in Niles, and then we headed back to Austintown and Boardman to Maggie’s Magic Muffins. The YSU Festival of the Arts won the special activity cash mob, and a Bang! Hair Studio month-long cash mob in August was just in time for back to school. In September, we braved torrential rain with Carol Freeman and her tasty baked goods at the Northside Farmer’s Market. Next we spent the day at Imagine That! Emporium inside the Amish Market Place on South Ave. In November, our non-profit winner was The Bummer Fund, an organization that helps responsible pet owners with unexpected veterinarian costs. For December, we shared ideas for a Buy Local for the Holidays month long event, and in January we got our trees trimmed by Drop N Chop Tree Trimming Service.

We will celebrate our second birthday in two weeks at Re Arrangements in Boardman just south of the mall. This shop carries home accessories and consigns gently used furniture, from wardrobes to miniatures, from antique to fairly new. Is someone in your life getting married or moving into a new place? A gift certificate from Re Arrangements will give them a chance to pick out something special, after they know what they need in that little nook just under the window. Even if you’re full up on furniture, come out and have some cake and cheer us on.

Youngstown Cash Mob
Sat. 22 Feb., 11 a.m.– 4 p.m.
15 Stadium Drive, Boardman
Home Accessories and Gently Used Furniture

I am glad to see so many resale shops popping up around town. An excellent trend. From an economics point of view, much more of the money turnaround stays local, since the merchandise is purchased locally and resold locally. From an environmental stance,  minimal resources are required since the product already exists. And resale shops can often offer a much higher quality product.

I’m thinking back to when I began at YSU as a returning student, and I suddenly needed a computer desk. Not knowing better, I picked up a shiny black-skimmed pressboard two-tiered shelf arrangement for $100. I moved shortly after, and the desk broke clean in half in the move. Now, I know that for $100 I could have gotten a gorgeous, solid desk so well made I could pass it down to the next generations. And support a local business, to boot.

I now turn to resale shops as much as possible. I love the clothing resale shops we’ve cash mobbed:  Raks, the Encore Shop, and Pretty & Plus. It just makes sense, since we all change ages, sizes, styles, even climates, and many of the clothes we don’t need are still in good shape. Which is why they’re piling up at the back of the closet. Consider consigning them at the resale shop where someone will love them.

The Youngstown Cash Mob returns to Boardman in March, to Bombay Star which serves Indian food. My friends and I have enjoyed many meals there, so for me it’s an old favorite.

Cash mob: like flash mob, only the singing is optional.