Saturday, June 7, 2014

Youngstown Cash Mob Has Its Day in the City

 Cash Mob in the City on June 14!

And another round of thanks to my co-organizers Kelly Bancroft and Colleen Clayton-Dippolito.  The cash mob will begin after the Color Run, around noon. Since runners-walkers will be wearing white and they’ll have powdered dye lobbed at them as they move through the city, the downtown will be extra sparkly.

Color Run participants will be parking at the Covelli Center, so cash mobbers will have no trouble finding parking in some of the gigantic lots on Front Street, or on-street parking and pocket lots throughout the downtown. Alternately, you might hitch your bike to the bike rack sculpture on the square at Federal Plaza or at Home Savings, or hop a bus and zoom in to the WRTA station.

Downtown businesses are expecting us, and they may have something special in store for the cash mob. Ask the food vendors if they have a cash mob sampler on tap. I can imagine grazing one’s way through town, stopping in to see the places you haven’t been yet, or spreading your love to several favorites. Hopefully we’ll have a beautiful day and the patio tables will all be out.

Cash Mob in the City
Sat. June 14, noon – 7:00 p.m.
downtown youngstown
Lunch, dinner, coffee, sweets, snacks
Clothes, collectibles, art, books, music
Children’s and history museums
Car detailing

This weekend, we are voting for the July cash mob, and so far we have a tie between Santisi Wholesale Food Co. on Mahoning Ave. and Outdoor Recreational Equipment on Market St. Perfect, right? Nothing says summer like a great deli and bikes and kayaks.

I hope to see you downtown on the 14th!

Thanks for helping us spread the word.

Cash mob: like flash mob, only the singing is optional.