Monday, February 23, 2015

Sundress Publications Chapbook Feature!

Sundress Publications will feature I Left My Wings on a Chair this week at the Wardrobe: Best Dressed. I’m in very good company, and I so appreciate the recognition. Visit Sundress here, and poke around to see what this amazing collective is up to.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Youngstown Cash Mob Screams for Ice Cream

What says In Your Eye, Winter! more than ice cream in February? This month’s cash mob destination is Jim’s Snack Shack, an all-year venue for ice cream truck treats. Bomb pops, root beer float pops, Crunch Bars, Mississippi Mud Bars, bubble gum cigarettes, it’s all there.

Month-long cash mob February 2015

Jim’s Snack Shack
2803 E. Midlothian Ave.
Open every day noon to 10:00 p.m.

Wait, what? All month? Yep! We have changed the format. So many people told us they were sad they missed a mob day, and we know how busy everyone is. So from now on, every cash mob will be an all-month event.

For March, we’re picking up on the City of Youngstown’s focus on the economic health of our major corridors with a Mahoning Avenue Cash Mob. Fifteen hundred commuters travel this important road, passing through some of the most densely populated neighborhoods in the city. Let’s make a point of knowing well the businesses along this route, and let’s support them to keep the neighborhoods vital. We got some terrific nominations and we’ll call the cash mob winner Sunday.

This Sat., Feb. 7 at 1:30 we are going to gather at Jim’s Snack Shack to celebrate our 3rd anniversary! Come and join us if you’re free. It’s wonderful that we’re still gaining members (closing in on 5,000 on Facebook!) and visiting and sharing our love for local businesses. in 2014 we had a wonderful meal at Bombay Star, got fashionable at One Closet Boutique, picked up gifts at the Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop, Oh, wow’d the downtown revitalization at Cash Mob in the City, got more presents (and cupcakes!) at Center of Attention, raised a glass at Halliday’s Winery, perused the antiques and collectibles at Mr. Darby’s, had fun nights out at the Encore Shop Fall Fashion Show and Santa Fe CafĂ© and Loose Racks Billiards, and rounded out the year buying local for the holidays.

Small businesses rely on word-of-mouth advertising, and the Youngstown Cash Mob is making a place to talk up our unique shops, restaurants and services. I’m thrilled to see new businesses popping up all over, and plan to do what I can to keep them growing.

Thanks for helping us spread the word.

Cash mob: like flash mob, only the singing is optional.