Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thank you, editors

I’ve long admired these journals, so I’m particularly pleased to have my work included. 

Diode Poetry Journal, edited by the amazing Patty Paine, accepted these five poems for the anniversary issue. This is my third time in Diode, and I’m a big admirer of the spare layout and the aesthetic range. I also like the way I can scroll down and read multiple poems by the same poet. Bob Hickock also has several poems in this issue, and while I’m blown down by any one, the force of all of them in one reading is tremendous.

I’m a big fan of Waccamaw, and grateful my poem “Code Violations” found a good home.

My first creative non-fiction came out in PoetsArtists. I’ve lived in many places and was messing around with a list one day, and realized I’ve defined much of my experience in living with animals. Thanks to guest editor Nin Andrews.

And my first short story was published by Ragazine, a terrific journal produced by talented editors in Binghamton, NY. I like writing fiction—all that space!—and plan to do more of it, so I appreciate the encouragement that comes with seeing this story in print, or e-print, so to speak.

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